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"Most mass murderers do not go from zero to 60. Rodger made escalating assaults on women (splashing coffee on them, attempting to shove them off a ledge) before his killing spree. Both Cho and Justin-Jinich’s murderer harassed women before they killed anyone. When such acts go unnoticed and unpunished — because we expect men to harass women, and it’s not outrageous or even noteworthy when they do — they can become stepping-stones to more conspicuous and less socially acceptable acts of violence."

Raina Lipsitz

Interesting to note that while a history of animal cruelty is widely accepted to be a link with becoming a serial killer, the link between cruelty towards women and killing women is still up for debate. If a guy abuses a cat and then shoots women we say "we should have seen it coming that guy was nuts", but if abuses women and then shoots women we say "we had no way of seeing it coming that guy was a perfectly polite, kind and wonderful human 

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A L W A Y S.


A L W A Y S.

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"I believe that minimalism is a process. It’s not an aesthetic. It’s not black and white. It’s the thoughtfulness that goes into creating these things."
— Anthony Casalena.
Watch the video at

"I believe that minimalism is a process. It’s not an aesthetic. It’s not black and white. It’s the thoughtfulness that goes into creating these things."
— Anthony Casalena.
Watch the video at

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being a carefree black girl has nothing to do with actually having no cares. to me it literally just means being alive and carving out tiny pockets of happiness and freedom in this shitty ass society that is trying to mentally destroy you for existing.

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"I am under no obligation to make sense to you."

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"Don’t confuse my personality with my attitude. My personality is who I am. My attitude depends on who you are."

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This is not about personal preference. My feelings about the people on this list range from adoration to indifference to disgust. But none of these people had as positive reaction as Laverne Cox and Lupita Nyong’o did. In fact, many of them actually have a higher percentage of “no” than “yes”. With the exception of Benedict Cumberbatch, Laverne Cox received more reactions than anybody else, AND she has one of the highest “yes” percentages of anybody on the voting list.

So what is the point of voting, if the results of the voting don’t matter? We were told to vote for who we believed should be on the list, we did, and two of the people who received the most affirmative votes were not included.

So what was the point? Did you include them in the voting as some sort of kick-back, or an attempt to placate their fans, without any intention of including them? You included Megyn Kelly in a list entitled “pioneers”, and yet Laverne Cox has done more pioneering for the rights and interests of trans women than Megyn Kelly has ever done. You included two men who run dictatorships and commit human right violations routinely, people in media who haven’t really done anything spectacular within their fields, two politicians who had overwhelmingly negative reactions and…the Koch brothers?

Perhaps you had other criteria for the title “influential”. Perhaps a trans woman who campaigns for the rights and awareness of issues relating to trans women (one of the most denigrated groups in the world) didn’t meet that standard. Perhaps being awarded several humanitarian-related awards and being the key note speaker at several events wasn’t enough. Perhaps a woman who dares to speak out about these issues at the risk of her very identity being derided and attacked, because she wants to make her community better and she wants to help young girls just like her accept themselves and grow up in a better world just wasn’t influential enough for you.

And I guess a young actress who swept the awards season isn’t what you would call influential. I guess a woman who took on an emotionally trying role in a film that highlighted the atrocities on our nation’s past wasn’t good enough. A dark skinned woman who has just been deemed the most beautiful woman in the world, bringing hope and happiness to millions of black girls and women who are often insulted because of their skin—that just didn’t quite meet the same standards as being in a few films in one year. 

Or maybe, just maybe, the accomplishments of these two women challenge societal norms too much. Maybe what they have done and what they stand for is too uncomfortable for your readership and your editor. Maybe you just think the people the Koch brothers and Rand Paul influence are more important than the people Laverne and Lupita influence.

And that is a damn shame.

Bullshit. All bullshit.

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comic by Matt Lubchansky (via Please Listen to Me - Save Me.)


comic by Matt Lubchansky (via Please Listen to Me - Save Me.)

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Vegan Jambalaya Round Up

Vegan Jambalaya

Vegan Jambalaya with Tempeh

Vegan Jambalaya with Chorizo Sausage

Vegan Creole Jambalaya with Tofu

Spicy Sweet Potato Jambalaya

Butternut Squash Jambalaya

Jambalaya with Seitan

Vegan Jambalaya

Vegan Slow Cooker Jambalaya with Sausage

Creole Vegan Jambalaya

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"Stop beating yourself up. You are a work in progress - which means you get there a little at a time, not all at once."

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Why do white people think I’m still in high school?

story of my life

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Oh lord.

oh my god

HOLY SHIT. Please watch this!

Basically a music video parody about Hollywood type casting.

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